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Nella Lush | Biography

Nella was born, raised and educated in Italy in a family with a long heritage of visual artists, musicians and poets. Her family history and her life near the Adriatic Sea is what shaped her artistic career. She studied art history and foreign languages. She is a full time artist and works on several canvases at once developing the imagery through a process of surface changes.

Her art is a constant exploration of the relationship between man and its history and becomes a spiritual and intimate journey. With intuition and experience and never following a formula she brings together the alchemy of materials, classical forms and the appearance of centuries of aging in all of her paintings, whether is an abstract, a marine, a fresco, a floral or a figurative.

Her marine work has been featured in the catalog of the16th, 2015 National Exhibition of American Society of Marine Artists. Nella’s words: It is not enough to know the Sea you need to feel the sea!

She works in series and mainly with oils and uses cold wax as a medium often adding marble dust to create more texture and depth.

Nella is a juried artist member of:

  • Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists

  • National Associations of Women Artists in NYC

  • President of the National Association of Women Artists, MA Chapter

  • Rockport Art Association, Rockport, MA - Board of Trustee

  • Founder and chair of the Experimental Group of Rockport Art Association

  • North Shore Art Association, Gloucester, MA

Contact paulcopson@yahoo.co.uk